Nutrition53 Neuro1, Chocolate, 32.8 oz Powder

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  • I love this stuff! My wife and I have been drinking it now for two years. They taste really good, like a healthy and refreshing chocolate milk (but better). It's a great, healthy drink/snack when on the go, in a pinch, or while traveling. I can't find any product yet that matches the nutritional profile and the taste!

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Nutrition53 Neuro1, Chocolate, 32.8 oz Powder Reviews

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My Coffee Replacement and then some!

Nutrition53 Neuro1, Chocolate, 32.8 oz Powder review posted by RyanO  on 2/6/13

I've tried Ocean 3's better brain formula but the price was just getting too high for me. I spoke with on of the "Veteran" store associates and he said that he has been experimenting with several different products to help him focus and give him energy. At the top of his list was Nuro1. Ever since I tried it back in Dec. of 2011 I have never looked back. What I like about it is that it doesn't give me the "shakes" like coffee can sometimes, it helps me focus, and a STEADY stream of energy. With Nuro1 I don't crash like I do with coffee or sugar. It's helped me tremendously with my career in IT. FYI, rather than following the directions, I mix it with milk which makes it a bit chunky, but makes it very hardy and pretty much a breakfast replacement.

Great Product

Nutrition53 Neuro1, Chocolate, 32.8 oz Powder review posted by Jenon L.  on 5/25/12

My mother is in late stage Alzheimer. With Neuro1 I am able to provide her with much wider range of vital nutrition than I can on an individual nutrient basis and she loves the taste. For the first month I gave it toher twice a day to get her nutritional levels up and noted functional improvement after 3 days! Since the start of the 2nd month I have been giving it once a day with an occasional. With Neuro1 she is able to get her thoughts into words better and talks about things she used to 3 years ago. Before she had been unable to sort dishes or fold cloths uniformly and needed constant reassurance. Now she does both independently and without supervision! She is just starting her 3rd month.

Life Changing

Nutrition53 Neuro1, Chocolate, 32.8 oz Powder review posted by Orion  on 3/28/12

Neuro 1 is a product that has made a dramatic impact my quality of life.

Imagine clarity of thought, conciseness of words, unparalleled recall and focus. This is my experience with every serving.

Your brain is the center of your life. When it is functioning smoothly, life can seem to fall into place.

To whoever reads this, please do yourself the favor of giving Neuro1 a try.

Awesome Product

Nutrition53 Neuro1, Chocolate, 32.8 oz Powder review posted by Quinton  on 3/1/12

I like the idea that there are supplements and formulas designed for the brain like Neuro1 as well as the body. I've been taking this product for a little over 2 weeks now. It tastes great and I feel sharp. This is now part of of my daily regimen.

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