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Garden of Life RAW Meal, 2.6 lbs Powder

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RAW Meal
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  • I love this stuff! My wife and I have been drinking it now for two years. They taste really good, like a healthy and refreshing chocolate milk (but better). It's a great, healthy drink/snack when on the go, in a pinch, or while traveling. I can't find any product yet that matches the nutritional profile and the taste!

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Garden of Life RAW Meal, 2.6 lbs Powder Reviews

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Showing 10 out of 10 reviews for Garden of Life RAW Meal, 2.6 lbs Powder

Can't live without this

Garden of Life RAW Meal, 2.6 lbs Powder review posted by Danielle  on 1/28/14

My family starts each day with a RAW Meal smoothie. We blend this powder with frozen organic fruits (mixed berries and bananas), MCT oil, organic honey, organic goji and cacao powder and organic rice milk. The consistency took a bit of getting used to but we can't live without these cold treats in the morning. I notice a difference in the way I feel if I skip a day or two. I have not tasted the RAW Meal without the smoothie so I cannot attest to a poor taste. We will purchase and recommend this product for as long as it's around. Thanks, Garden of Life!

Really wanted to like

Garden of Life RAW Meal, 2.6 lbs Powder review posted by Sarah  on 12/30/12

I recently finished an eleven day cleanse using Isagenix products with fantastic results (whey protein shake days mixed with juice fasting days). I wanted to continue the practice that was so successful, but wanted to use a product that was more geared towards raw and organic. I bought a tub of the vanilla flavor and mixed it with filtered water. I found the flavor tolerable, but it got really thick fast. I thought it did an amazing job of filling me up, and had no blood sugar issues or low energy problems.

Unfortunately, it also caused me to feel extremely full and bloated. I tried using less, and also tried to keep using it in the hope I my body would adjust. After four extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant days, I am coming to the conclusion that this isnt a product I can use. I am disappointed, as I feel this is a good product with an impressive ingredients list.

Raw Meal Excellence

Garden of Life RAW Meal, 2.6 lbs Powder review posted by Carolyn  on 12/30/12

This is an excellent product for general health and healing, We mix it with coconut milk and it tastes great.

I start my day with Raw Meal

Garden of Life RAW Meal, 2.6 lbs Powder review posted by Cindy Hill  on 12/9/12

This is a great balanced meal, I do mix it with Biochem, 100% Whey Protein - Natural, 2 cups of mixed frozen berries and a banana....great energy and I know we are getting a good start to the day....I love knowing we are getting raw nutrition even if we are not best during our other meals...

Excellent Product

Garden of Life RAW Meal, 2.6 lbs Powder review posted by Darron  on 3/29/12

This is really good stuff. It keeps you filled up so you don't get hungry and I trust the manufacturer and their quality, so I'm def gonna stick with it. It of course tastes very "natural" but the taste is good and I have now come to crave for it. Most of the time i use only one scoop of the "raw meal" with one scoop of the "raw protein", and then up the sweetness/flavor a bit with a low glycemic sweetener like agave or coconut nectar. I also def use milk... way better that way.

Garden Of Life Raw Meal

Garden of Life RAW Meal, 2.6 lbs Powder review posted by Andrew Carpenter  on 2/29/12

I can say I found perfect mixture . Mix 16 ounces of simply raspberry lemonade, 4 strawberries and one banana. I am telling you the truth that it taste pretty good. Down 11 pounds in 2 weeks .

Love it!

Garden of Life RAW Meal, 2.6 lbs Powder review posted by Rorie  on 1/11/12

Love the energy it gives me and the even blood sugar levels. Keeps me feeling full for hours. I add cinnamon, organic chocolate, or strong peppermint tea to help the flavor, which is only so so.

Makes everything right

Garden of Life RAW Meal, 2.6 lbs Powder review posted by Tricia  on 10/10/11

The taste is off; and don't mix it with milk or it's like drinking sludge - BUT you feel really good and it keeps you VERY regular. Take half serving in morning and half serving at night and BOY, all is well in the world!

Tried 'New Improved Taste!' version and it's NOT Horrible

Garden of Life RAW Meal, 2.6 lbs Powder review posted by Scott  on 10/3/11

I've been wanting to try this for almost a year but have been very afraid based on the reviews regarding the taste. The consensus is it tastes pretty foul, but is an amazing product. During my last trip to a local Super Supplements I noticed that the package now states 'New Improved Taste!', so I bought a few single serve packs before taking the plunge on the tub.

At the suggestion of the clerk, I mixed it in a blender with chocolate almond milk and omitted adding fruits as apparently fruit and protein don't mix. While I won't say it was delicious, or even tasty, I didn't find it horrible or revolting. Doing my best to avoid any possible nasty taste, I drank all 16oz straight down. By the time I reached the last third it was definitely thickening up. I couldn't imagine it without chocolate to cover the taste. Immediately following I drank a few ounces of water to wash it down. There seemed to be a very slight sourness, similar to their Raw Fiber product, so it must have to do with the fermenting process. I didn't notice any grittiness or graininess, I think using a high power blender helped.

Based on this experience I'll now buy the tub and make this part of my daily routine. I've been a fan of Garden of Life products (sans religious overtones) for the past year and look forward to experiencing the ongoing positive effects of taking this daily. If you can find the product with the updated label, I'd recommend giving it a try.

Pretty good

Garden of Life RAW Meal, 2.6 lbs Powder review posted by Ryan  on 6/23/11

This is a good meal replacement. The taste isn't the best but it does the trick.

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