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Ayush Herbs Carditone, 60 Caplets

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  • I love this stuff! My wife and I have been drinking it now for two years. They taste really good, like a healthy and refreshing chocolate milk (but better). It's a great, healthy drink/snack when on the go, in a pinch, or while traveling. I can't find any product yet that matches the nutritional profile and the taste!

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Ayush Herbs Carditone, 60 Caplets Reviews

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Showing 10 out of 31 reviews for Ayush Herbs Carditone, 60 Caplets

Carditone - Better Than A Prescription!!!

Ayush Herbs Carditone, 60 Caplets review posted by Lynne Menard  on 5/14/12

I have been taking this product for about 3 years now. It keeps my blood pressure stable without any side effects. It actually works better than my old prescription! A Homeopathic MD suggested it as it works well for many of his patients. I take 2 at bedtime.

Clever Combo

Ayush Herbs Carditone, 60 Caplets review posted by dell  on 5/10/12

Sorry Big Pharma, no patent here.
Bless the ayurvedic sages, who kept records of what works for 5,000 years, and the wonderful folks who keep the wisdom alive now. Especially the cute little girl at the SS store in renton, washington who knew just what to suggest! my story's typical: tried this n that, then with the first tablet I went from 196/ ...130/70 and not a sign of a side effect.

Helped Lower My Blood Pressure

Ayush Herbs Carditone, 60 Caplets review posted by cozyhome  on 5/1/12

I was having difficulty getting and keeping my blood pressure in a safe range. My Naturopath Doctor recommended Carditone. At my next visit, my blood pressure had dropped from 138/96 to 110/71 with no other lifestyle changes.

Ayush Herbs, Carditone, 60 Caplet

Ayush Herbs Carditone, 60 Caplets review posted by Katherine O'Neal  on 5/1/12

Greatest stuff ever for cardiovascular support--blood pressure and cholesterol! My husband's doctor
couldn't believe how much he lowered his numbers!

This is a great alternative to traditional high blood pressure meds

Ayush Herbs Carditone, 60 Caplets review posted by Chris Collins  on 4/28/12

This was actually suggested to me by an MD who does a lot of alternative therapies.

Carditone is a Miracle Worker!

Ayush Herbs Carditone, 60 Caplets review posted by Johan J.  on 3/8/12

I have had high blood pressure for 10 years and just a year ago found Carditone. I had been on about 4 or 5 different blood pressure medication plus hydrochlorothiazide. None of them completely controlled by blood pressure. Carditone has worked wonders! My blood pressure is consistently 120/82. I love this stuff!

Throw away your meds!

Ayush Herbs Carditone, 60 Caplets review posted by Joe  on 2/13/12

I can't believe I wasted 3 months feeling lowsy on Rx meds for blood pressure not to mention they weren't that effective. I started meds in October 2011 and my BP was still spiking occasionally. I was fed up with muscle cramps, and feeling lightheaded, tired, weak and dizzy while on 3 different BP meds. I had to have the Rx changed 3 times and all of them gave me side effects. Just after New Years, I took 2 Carditone per day along with a half dose of my Rx. Within a few days I dropped the RX and my BP has averaged 110-120/65 for 3 weeks now.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Ayush Herbs Carditone, 60 Caplets review posted by Dask  on 1/28/12

Since 2005 I have been on Altace, Norvac and Atenolol and never had normal blood pressure readings. With all the medication, I still was 150+/90. My doctors called it white coat syndrome. I had the doctors take me of Lipitor (tried Crestor) for cholesterol because of muscle problems, and finally got off Atenolol last summer. I regularly attend a cardio rehab fitness class 3 times a week for 1 1/2 hours. At Christmas time 2011, my daughter's homeopathic physician recommended this product to her and she gave me a 2 week supply to try. I started with 2 tablets a day and within a week I dropped to one a day. Monitoring my blood pressure daily, within a few days I was at 120(130)/ 80. Yesterday, I saw my doctor. He took my blood pressure and it was normal and he was very pleased with the reading. I showed him Carditone and told him I was taking since Dec 25 and I asked if it was okay to take. His answer was,"This works for me. Keep taking it." However, he is not trained in Homeopathic medicine and its interactions. The only problem I find is that my lower legs hurt. The weather is cold and damp. That could be it. Or is this due to the Carditone? In October, I was put on a diuretic hydrochlorothiazide. Why are the medical doctors are not aware of this product? In 7 years, I've spent a lot of money on medicine that made me fell sick and didn't work? Thankful that Carditone was available without a prescription!

better than a prescription

Ayush Herbs Carditone, 60 Caplets review posted by Mac  on 6/24/11

I've been using this product for over a year now successfully without the side effects I used to get from Lopressor and Avapro.


Ayush Herbs Carditone, 60 Caplets review posted by Bill G.  on 6/24/11

This one is a life saver. Try it before your doctor tells you to medicate. It works.

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