Twinlab Choline Cocktail, 13.3 oz Powder

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Choline Cocktail
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  • I love this stuff! My wife and I have been drinking it now for two years. They taste really good, like a healthy and refreshing chocolate milk (but better). It's a great, healthy drink/snack when on the go, in a pinch, or while traveling. I can't find any product yet that matches the nutritional profile and the taste!

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Twinlab Choline Cocktail, 13.3 oz Powder Reviews

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I've used Choline Cocktail for about 10 years now

Twinlab Choline Cocktail, 13.3 oz Powder review posted by Andrew Barden  on 4/3/12

After reading several books on brain nutrition, I took the list of supplements to the local independent supplement store, and talked with the manager that I trusted.

Out of the available 'all in one' products available, we decided on 2 other pill-type supplements and the jar of Choline Cocktail drink mix. Aside from tasting similar to Tang, it has all the key ingredients that are most recommended by the brain health gurus. It is the one supplement that if I didn't take it by mid-day, I would notice that I was not as alert as I am normally.

As it has some unwanted carbs/sugars, I tested out my theory of buying the individual supplements contained within it from my local store. After several days of taking a large handful of these pills, I confirmed that the mix of Choline Cocktail, and how it's put together, is unique, as I did NOT feel the same effect of clear thinking and sustained alertness that I do when I drink this product.

I also, fyi, combine Choline Cocktail with Enagic's ionized water, with a high pH of 9.5, to aid in the absorption of the supplements. As a result of drinking it with this medical-grade 'Kangen Water,' I find that I only need about 1/2 of the amount of mixture, 2 tablspoons instead of 4. If you haven't been introduced to Kangen Water, check out for a demonstrational video (just a video site, nothing more).

I don't go a day without drinking my Kangen Water mixed with Choline Cocktail. As a coach/speaker/trainer, I have to be sharp all day long. I always recommend this combo drink to all of my clients / participants in training events.

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