MRM Relax-All, 60 Capsules

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  • I love this stuff! My wife and I have been drinking it now for two years. They taste really good, like a healthy and refreshing chocolate milk (but better). It's a great, healthy drink/snack when on the go, in a pinch, or while traveling. I can't find any product yet that matches the nutritional profile and the taste!

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MRM Relax-All, 60 Capsules Reviews

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MRM Relax-All, 60 Capsules review posted by CC  on 6/19/14

This really helps me relax and sleep through the night!!

be careful

MRM Relax-All, 60 Capsules review posted by Gg  on 4/3/14

I have been using this before bed for over 6 months and just recently learned that Phenibut is a chemical and you can become dependant on it just like prescription meds. The label says not to exceed 4 caps but after a few months, you will become immune to the 4 caps and will need more so if you buy this product and one or two caps does not do the trick for you, pass on it because the withdrawel symptoms are not fun. I took 4 caps every night for 4 months and then had to up it to 8 spaced out by a couple hours and I realized then that it was no longer a good sleep aid for me bc if you keep up'ing the dose, it becomes a nootropic drug and people on the streets take it on high doses in between not having thier heroin and other high end drugs.


MRM Relax-All, 60 Capsules review posted by Super Supplement Customer  on 9/25/13

great for anyone with restless leg syndrome.


MRM Relax-All, 60 Capsules review posted by Super Supplement customer  on 5/9/13

This product is a life saver. I became allergic to my prescriptions for restless leg syndrome, and this product provides the same relief.

MRM Relax-All

MRM Relax-All, 60 Capsules review posted by Super Supplement Customer  on 3/27/12

I love it. I takes the place of a previous prescription for Restless Leg Syndrome.

Sleep Couldn't Be Better

MRM Relax-All, 60 Capsules review posted by Jerry  on 3/17/12

I have been on prescription sleep aids for 30 years and never have gotten a good nights sleep. I decided to wean off the narcotics and tried many of the herbal varieties over the counter. Relax-all is the one that works. I used it while weaning off the other junk and had no withdrawals except a slight headache that I didn't need pain killers for. Good Job Super Supplements

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