Progena Organic Iodine, 150 mcg, 1 fl oz Liquid

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Progena Organic Iodine is a specifically formulated nutritional supplement derived from ingredients quality controlled for
consistent potency and safety.

The iodine in Progena Organic Iodine has one very crucial function - thyroid health. It is needed for the proper functioning of the body's thyroid gland and is responsible for the making of thyroid hormones - thyroxine and triodothyronine, which control metabolism.

People who avoid sea vegetables, as well as dairy, seafood, processed food, and iodized table salt, can become deficient in iodine. Iodine deficiency can cause low thyroid function, goiter, and cretinism. Although iodine deficiency is now uncommon in Western societies, the U.S. population has shown a trend of significantly decreasing dietary iodine intake.

Organic Iodine Brand: Progena

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Additional Information

Take one drop of Progena Organic Iodine in a small glass of water or juice.
Keep out of reach of children.

Iodine (collodial combined) (potassium and resublimed)…for product label information including a complete list of ingredients, click all product images above.

Gycercin, demineralized water, ethyl alcohol, alfalfa extract, sea dulse extract.