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We are excited to share with our readers, our first guest blog entry, by Jay Bugai, B.S. Clinical Nutrition and the National Educator for Garden of Life.  Enjoy!


Some things belong together—peanut butter and jelly . . . algae and coffee. Okay, so algae and coffee aren’t a famous pairing yet, but that’s about to change.


Recently, America’s doctor, Mehmet Oz, featured two powerful, clinically studied ingredients to help win the battle of the bulge. First, was a proprietary preparation of fucoxanthin and pomegranate seed oil called Xanthigen®. Second, was a clinically researched green coffee bean extract known as Svetol®. Each of these works independently to help make your diet and exercise program more effective. Until now, you couldn’t buy both of these ingredients in the same powerful product, but that’s changed.


Meet fucoTHIN® GREEN. It contains Xanthigen and Svetol. The fucoxanthin in Xanthigen is a powerful carotenoid antioxidant from a unique brown seaweed harvested off the coast of Portugal and extracted through a proprietary coldwater process to preserve and concentrate its potency. It’s then combined with cold-pressed oil from pomegranate seeds. These two ingredients, blended just right, make up Xanthigen and were studied over a 16-week period in 150 overweight and obese Eastern European women following an 1,800-calorie-per-day diet. This “Gold Standard” study had amazing results: those taking Xanthigen lost 14.5 pounds on average, while those taking the placebo lost only three pounds.† Another perk was that Xanthigen increased the study participants’ metabolism without having a stimulant effect. Interestingly, Xanthigen works on a cellular level with “nuclear receptor” cells—ones responsible for fat formation and storage, speeding up these cells’ processes, helping them to burn more—and store less—fat.


Now, for Svetol®--a RAW, decaffeinated green coffee bean extract that’s 50 percent chlorogenic acid, which recently came to light as a powerful, high-antioxidant polyphenol with unique properties. Chlorogenic acid—the powerhouse of Svetol—slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream after meals. That’s important because the chlorogenic acid in Svetol has been clinically shown to support the body’s natural process for metabolizing sugar (glucose). Svetol’s been the subject of six studies—including a Gold Standard, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, clinical study featuring 50 participants with a BMI of 25 or higher. On average, those taking Svetol lost 10.9 pounds over the 60-day period, while the placebo group lost only 5.4 pounds. Svetol supported the body’s natural ability to metabolize sugars, rather than convert them into fat storage—helping in weight loss and body slimming—all without stimulate effects, since the green coffee bean is naturally decaffeinated.


To review, Xanthigen supports metabolism and thermogenesis through its antioxidant power. Svetol® supports the body’s maintenance of healthy glucose levels through its antioxidant power. Both help make diet and exercise more effective—without undesirable stimulant side effects. And, now, you can get both Xanthigen and Svetol in fucoTHIN® GREEN, the winning combination of clinically studied ingredients brought to you only by Garden of Life®. Two really are better than one.


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Debi peri

posted on Friday, January 25, 2013 6:05:55 PM America/Los_Angeles
I am looking forward to trying this as I started taking a green powder drink by Garden Of Life that I started when Rubin was a head of it. I am hoping these products do what they say as there is a lot of pure green extract that I have looked at and looking for what Dr Oz said to make sure they had. You have what he says for green bean extract but combining the other stuff I hope works together and I am not wasting money as there are pure ones cheaper. Has anyone tried this and had results? Thank you!

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