The Making of Garden of Life® Kind Organics

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Guest Blog By: Garden of Life

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We have two exciting words for you: Kind Organics.

 Garden of Life's Kind Organics

Kind Organics is a USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified multivitamin and mineral supplement made from certified organic whole food. 

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Taking Time for Balance

The importance of striking a healthy balance comes up in so many areas of a woman’s life. Trying to keep work-life balance comfortable, dealing with responsibilities large and small, and caring for others and for yourself are just some of the concerns women juggle each day. Fortunately, when it comes to nurturing your own good health, there’s a lot you can do to maintain wellness and, as the years pass, to support healthy, graceful aging.

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Thirsty for youth?

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3/20/14 4:01 AM Comments ( 0 )

What if you could take the hottest Superfoods of 2014 in liquid form? Now you can with a breakthrough product,  youthH2O –a caffeine free Age Defying System that awakens your “Youth Hormone” with powerful South American superfoods.

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Here are some nutrients that are important for women’s overall health and well-being. It is always important to make sure to get all of the essential nutrients to make sure a woman’s body functions optimally. Taking a multi-vitamin-mineral will provide all of the essential vitamins (such as folic acid for normal cell division) and minerals your body can’t make so needs to be secured through diet or supplementation. 

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As we move into the Fall we strive to maintain our overall health and well-being. Let’s look at some immune supportive nutrients and specific products to consider for immune health.

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