Turmeric, A Golden Opportunity

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Guest Blog by: Gaia herbs

3/6/14 7:00 AM Comments ( 0 )

Imagine you woke up today with the best intentions of going to Yoga/Pilates/The Gym, but now that shoulder stiffness has now found its way into your hamstrings and it looks like getting into downward dog is headed for a downward spiral.


Most of us know turmeric as the yellow spice that makes our curries and Indian cuisine tasty and colorful. You may have also seen lots of turmeric supplements being sold in health food stores.  So what’s all the buzz about? 

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10/1/13 11:59 AM Comments ( 0 )

As we move into the Fall we strive to maintain our overall health and well-being. Let’s look at some immune supportive nutrients and specific products to consider for immune health.

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