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The skin is the largest organ of the human body and one of its major functions is to defend against the many different environmental stresses it encounters on a daily basis. This continuous exposure often results in skin irritation followed by decreased barrier function and penetration of harmful substances into the body.


As an integral part of your immune system, it is important to not only protect your skin from the everyday stressors that bombard it but also feed the skin the nutrients it needs to boost its own immune response capabilities.


Armed with this commitment, ACURE, a family owned and operated skin, body and hair care line, set out to create a personal care resource free of synthetic ingredients with a focus on clinically proven effect in the skin through food and plant-based technology. ACURE delivers the nutrition to support the skin’s own ability to regenerate and protect itself, optimally. Using ingredients as supplements for the skin, their unique patent-pending SKIN-IMMUNE complex moisturizes skin against everyday environmental stresses to help your own skin cell defense mechanisms, using a 4-phase delivery system to encourage the skin’s optimal immune performance:

1.Clinically proven White Horehound plant stem cells may boost phase I and II enzyme ability in the skin, a key part of the skin’s immune response.

2. Resveratrol Probiotics may reduce inflammation.

3. Olive Leaf may minimize bacteria, virus and fungus.

4. Argan Oil and CoQ10 may work to protect and moisturize.


It is all about supporting your skin’s ability to perform optimally in the face of UV radiation, pollution, toxins, harsh cleansers and other irritants. SKIN-IMMUNE is featured in Acure’s Day Cream, Night Cream, Radical Wrinkle Complex, Radical Resurfacing, Oil Control Facial Moisturizer and Body Lotions. Feed your skin the food it needs for optimal defense.


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