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The process of achieving glowing, flawless skin can become a science in itself. It might seem that in the time it takes you to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize you could have run a marathon. While I tend to err on the side of exaggeration with my analogies, I’m about to tell you how a good skin care routine can be simple, quick and effective with plenty of time left over for the marathon.


The best place to start? Identify your skin type! We all fall into one of the following categories:


Normal : Smooth, healthy even color and texture.


Oily: Shiny, larger pores, prone to blemishes.


Dry: Dull skin tone, feeling of tightness after washing, flakes easily, tendancy to develop a rash.


Combination: Patches of dry and oily skin with a frequently oily “T Zone”, which is the area from the bottom of your chin running straight up between and above your eyebrows and up to the middle of your forehead.


Sensitive: Fine, delicate skin that is prone to rashes, redness and experiences allergic reactions easily.


Begin with a basic facial cleanser targeted at your skin type. Cleansers are formulated to work with your skin type and are balanced and gentle enough to be used daily. This is a great place to start even if you don’t want to get all fancy with a longer routine on a daily basis. Stay away from soap – it is extremely drying and strips skin of its natural moisture, which makes it more prone to breakouts and skin damage.


Next, exfoliate! Along with our constantly regenerating skin cells, dirt, oil and bacteria tend to pile up on the surface, which in turn blocks pores making our skin prone to white and black heads. This is why you need a facial exfoliant.  Be careful not to over exfoliate, this can inflame your skin leaving it vulnerable to long term damage. Shoot for a gentle exfoliant, using it no more than 2-3 times a week.


Last, moisturize! Facial moisturizers will replenish and soothe your skin after the gauntlet you just put it through allowing it to build a protective barrier against the elements, preventing damage. Look for plant based moisturizers that contain avocado, coconut, calendula, jojoba, olive oil, cocoa butter or shea butter. Added antioxidants like Acai, Green Tea or Pomegranate help to fight free radicals and slow the aging process. Use a moisturizer daily, especially after cleansing.


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