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I grew up in a household where vitamins and supplements were not used (to my knowledge). And I had never even heard of Homeopathic Medicines. If someone was sick, we got the Over The Counter (OTC) remedy du jour. What was important, however, was a balanced diet in the form of home cooked meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were prepared and served to the whole family - all 12 of us. It was too expensive to go out to dinner or order in pizza and my mom took her role of housewife and mom very seriously. Okay, truth be told, breakfast on weekdays was usually Cheerios or something, to which I would add about a tablespoon of sugar. But otherwise, we had the classic food pyramid for each meal and we had a big garden of veggies in the summertime to supplement those enormously huge two-cart grocery runs each week.


As I became an adult, lived on my own and moved out west, my eyes were opened to more options than OTC. But it took a while. I remember one of the first natural products supplements I ever took was this crazy stuff called Oscillococcinum. I remember a friend or someone told me it worked really well for them when they were first feeling a cold coming on. I remember finding it, dumping a vile full of little round pellets under my tongue and waiting for it to dissolve. I recall being thrilled that it had virtually no taste, just sweet (you see I have sweet tooth issue here). And, dang! This stuff delivered!


That first time I took Oscillo for a cold/fever was back in 1992. 20 years later, I swear by this stuff when I feel body aches, chills, fever coming on. Every time, I’ve taken a dose or 3 (depending on how quickly I get on it), go to bed and by morning, I’ve felt as good as new! I can’t tell you that will always happen, but I’ve had good luck with it minimizing the symptoms and length of my cold/flu.


For those of you who don’t already know this, Oscillo falls under the category of Homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that uses highly diluted natural substances to relieve symptoms. It works best when taken at the onset of symptoms and are taken more frequently if the systems are more acute. The pellets offer one of the most efficient routes of administration because they are absorbed quickly. Even better if the mouth is free of food and strong flavors. Oscillococcinum is supported by published clinical studies and over 65 years of use around the globe. It is safe for anyone 2yrs of age or older, has no side effects and no drug interactions.


With a record cold and flu outbreak, this would be an excellent product to have on hand.


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posted on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 6:08:00 PM America/Los_Angeles
Add some Vitamin D and C to that and you will probably not get seriously sick all season!

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