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What is it?

Propolis is a resinous material that comes from any tree or poplar bud.  Bees gather propolis to coat the interior of their hives, which helps maintain the health of their hives; as a result, a beehive may be one of the most sterile environments in the world.  Propolis has been used for many years to: maintain healthy teeth and support healthy skin.


Potential Benefits:

-Supports Healthy Immune Response

-Supports Skin Health

-Supports Oral Health

-Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response

-Supports Bone Health

-Supports Digestive Health


How you take it/usage:

Various products are sold in capsule, tablet, lozenge, & liquid form (in various strengths) as well as topical preparations. The following brands are available: Gaia Herbs, Herb Pharm, Montana Naturals, Natural Factors, Now, Premier One & Y.S. Organic Bee Farms.


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