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I just rescued a young female German Shepherd, Sienna and wanted to make sure that she and my cat Buddie would get to know each other safely.  I also wanted to make sure that the potential ill-effects of vaccines, worming medicines and flea baths wouldn’t cause her any long term issues. 

The first task at hand was to determine the best way to safely introduce her to Buddie. I found that using Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets with Buddie and Healthy Calm for Pets with Sienna, really helped to make their getting to know each other go very well. Every morning I put Rescue Remedy in Buddie’s drinking water and gave Sienna a Healthy Calm chewable wafer with her breakfast and dinner. With the ‘edge’ taken off, Sienna was able to be calm around Buddie which allowed them to get to know each other and she was also able to stay home for 4-5 hours a day without being destructive or agitated.


Then to off- set any side effects from the vaccines and parasite chemicals that were given to her prior to her adoption, I started giving her Udo's Choice Pet Essentials for Dogs, which has cleansing herbs for her liver and kidneys, Nordic Naturals Pet Cod Liver Oil to nourish every cell in her body and a healthy natural diet. For her diet, I follow the guidelines outlined in the book, Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog by Volhard & Brown, D.V.M.


I also found the information at this site to be helpful for introducing Sienna and Buddie, since I have never owned both a cat and dog at the same time.


It’s been a month now since her adoption and I’m happy to report that Sienna has gained 12 pounds, her coat is shiny and soft, plus she and Buddie are becoming friends. May your Holiday Season be filled with lots of love and joy, especially if you are sharing them with your beloved pets!


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posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 3:09:14 PM America/Los_Angeles
That's great the two are getting along. It's wonderful that you chose a rescue dog, too.

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