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Resolution: In the last 4 months of 2012, I have lost 15 lbs and 5% body fat with no help from a trainer - Goal is to lose another 10lbs, cut body fat as much as possible and run Bloomsday with my 8 year old in 2013!

Krista has big plans for 2013 and she is well on her way towards accomplishing her goals. She is working hard on her body through cardio and diet and plans on participating in Spokane’s Bloomsday 12K run with her daughter!



“I plan on making 2013 my best year, and my healthiest! I have three children and I need to be up and about with them so I plan on being out and active and outdoors as much as possible. So far my resolution this year is on track. Since January I’ve lost 7 lbs., an inch all over as well as decreased my body fat by 2%. My goals for 2013 are to increase my cardio, to keep up with my health and diet, and maintain a good lifestyle.”


Krista is using her year’s supply of wellness products to support her 2013 resolution. “Super Supplements is helping me with my goals. As far as cardio goes, by taking a product called D-Stunner, which actually seems to opens up my lungs a bit, and may   even be helping me to run a further distance. What I like most about Super Supplements is their staff. They were very friendly when I walked in. I wasn’t sure where to go or get started with my product and the manager gave me a tour and showed me where to start!”


We look forward to more updates from Krista as to her progress and how the nutritional support is helping her make positive improvements in her life!


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posted on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 6:21:49 PM America/Los_Angeles
WOw! Amazing results for sure! Keep it up.

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