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First of all it’s important to note that fleas prefer weaker, less healthy animals and very young puppies and kittens with undeveloped immune systems. Knowing this, we can arm our pets for flea resistance by boosting their health and immunity. If you have a flea problem, this is the first place to start.


Diet is the foundation of health. Nothing you give your dog or cat can do as much good for their health and immunity as a proper diet. The books, Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog and Whole Health for Happy Cats, have natural recipes that will give you many ideas how to adjust your pet’s diet. Of course, if you can’t manage to feed raw natural foods, just give them the very best diet that you can. At the minimum this means top quality processed foods that do not contain fillers, chemical preservatives or food colorings. No “by-products” or “digests”. Meat should be the first ingredient and should not contain grains. Dogs can be fed a mix of canned and dry foods, but cats should be fed only canned foods if they are to be fed processed diets.


Supplementing their diet can also help. Essential Fatty Acids like: Flax Oil for Animals and Pet Cod Liver Oil and Immune Boosting Supplements like: Whole Dog Daily and The Missing Link Wellness Blend for Dogs and Cats will help to strengthen their bodies and support the health of your pet’s skin and coat. Digestive Enzymes like: Healthy Digestion for Dogs and Hairball Formula for Cats & Probiotics like: Pet Dophilus will help them get the most nutrition from their food and aid the digestive process. Natural Shampoos & Sprays like: Neem "Protect" Shampoo and Neem "Protect" Spray will help to keep fleas at bay without compromising the health of your furry friend.


Over-vaccination is taxing on the immune system of dogs and cats as well, so you may want to educate yourself about the risks of too many vaccinations


For specific natural options for controlling fleas in your house or yard, Dr. Obando DVM suggests the following protocols.


If I can answer any additional questions you might have about Natural Flea Control, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Hoping you and your furry friends have a happy ‘flea-less’ summer!


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