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There’s something you should know. I can easily cave to sugar. My goodness, it is absolute madness because I know better. It’s easy to do because sugar can be so TASTY.  Thanks to a subversive Visual Merchandiser, there’s a candy drawer filled to the brim within ten feet of me for most of my day. But you know, there’s a lot of stuff that happens when you go overboard on sugar and many folks do.


So this week I decided to feature a standout product so that you could more easily give your 'pretty young thing' some TLC by making Better Dietary Choices. A product that was designed by Lidtke with healthy, normal blood sugars in mind: GlycoTrol. This product was designed by Dr. Jarowski to support healthy blood-sugar levels already in a normal range. So, who is this Dr. Jarowski? Dr. Jarowski spent decades researching blood glucose, cholesterol and the mechanisms controlling them. Why? What was his motivation? His family. He observed them experiencing deteriorating health stemming from blood-sugar complications. His subsequent body of work lead to the development of GlycoTrol, which provides four patently rationed amino acids that are typically most deficient after eating a high protein meal. Dr. Jarowski noted that a higher percentage of protein tends to be utilized by the body, reducing waste products and helping to subdue the sugar roller-coaster so common after meals.


This product varies somewhat from some of our other blood sugar support items in that it is one of the first to combine this particular combination of nutrients to do it. So, ignore that enticing candy drawer in the office. You don’t need to cave to the “Fun-Size, Snack-Size, Party-size” crutch that will contribute to your PYT becoming “Super-Sized”. Remember to always eat in moderation and to include sufficient dietary fiber in your meals. Fiber in vegetable assist in slow, sustained release of glucose into the bloodstream. Learn above the glycemic load in foods and become aware of how quickly your body breaks down certain foods into glucose. Highly refined carbohydrates can lead you to feel run down because they drive up the metabolic process so quickly. Lastly, never underestimate the importance of getting a good night’s sleep and always remember to get regular exercise.


Bonus! This product contains no gluten, yeast, wheat, corn, soy, milk or dairy products, lactose, egg, nuts, fish, shellfish, grapefruit, preservatives, artificial color or flavor, sodium or sugar!


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