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Vitachick L. Miller

5/5/11 11:36 AM Comments

One thing I know for sure is this: buying new stuff can be fun.  Buying stuff that you want, well, that’s even more fun.  The most fun part of it all, at least for me, is that finding new stuff to buy is my job.  Which is good, since I like to buy stuff so much. This part worked out pretty well for me.  It’d be a real drag if I wasn’t in to this kind of thing, and by this kind of thing I specifically mean dietary supplements, vitamins, herbs, etc. (With some of my favorites being the types of products that help turn back the hands of time.  Or, to be more exacting, turn back the crow’s feet of time).  That being said, I also look for stuff that is really well thought through, high quality and totally relevant.  I love the stuff that I buy and have been a fan for a long time.  I won’t say how long but my fascination started around the time the Winter Olympics were in Calgary and Oliver North was answering to his involvement in the Iran-Contra affair.


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