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An oversimplified analogy for this product might be baking a cake. You can make a cake with eggs, flour, milk, and baking powder but it’s not a cake unless all of these components are there to create that delicious cake matrix. Similarly, bones need several components in order to support the ongoing dynamic process that is bone. Now, remember that bone is a live tissue that is constantly changing, so in that regard, it’s not like cake, unless you have a house full of teenagers that interpret their cake batter. It is this, dear reader that makes this Healthy Bones Plus kit a stand-out item. It is a clinically proven product that not only provides the essential nutrients for bone but it also promotes vital bone flexibility!


BioSil’s Healthy Bones Plus is a comprehensive bone support system that features the Bone Collagenizer Matrix and the Bone Mineralizer Matrix in a handy kit. Why do you need both? Well, that’s a perfectly valid question and so, without putting you to sleep, here’s my best answer. Let’s stick with the cake analogy above. As you know, calcium is an essential nutrient that is a key ingredient to bone; it provides strength, structure, and hardness. Similarly, you need flour to make cake, but can you make cake with just flour? Read on!


There are three (3) forms of premium high-absorbing calcium in the Bone Mineralizer Matrix (malate, citrate and ascorbate) as well as key calcium transporters (vitamin D, vitamin K, and magnesium) to ensure that the calcium gets to where it needs to be. The Bone Collagenizer Matrix is a component that, though not made of collagen, generates collagen production in your body. Collagen is what gives your bones the ability to withstand stress. Calcium needs the binding sites that this bone collagen provides. You do have this type of collagen already present in your body however; as with all age-related issues, there is a reduction of collagen as we age and, thusly, fewer binding sites for calcium. There is good evidence that that an adequate amount of all micronutrients (ingredients such as eggs, flour, milk…) can make a significant difference in the proper and efficient metabolism of calcium to support the health and structure of your bones (cake!).


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