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It’s official – I am middle-aged. In fact, I have been for quite a while, but I am choosing now to embrace my older self. There are things that have happened to my body and my brain that I never expected when I was a young thing. Some of these are good – I have more patience, for example. Other changes are not as good, like wrinkles, but at least I knew they were inevitbale.


But why didn’t my mother, my aunts or Oprah mention my eyelashes would slowly shrink to stubs? Hmmph. When I was a youngster I had beautiful lashes, not anymore. Fruit stem cells to the rescue! MyChelle has created a serum from the stem cells of apples that will help my lashes to regain their once-youthful appearance called the Ultimate Lash and Brow Serum. The stem cells stimulate and protect hair stem cells, which promotes growth and inhibits graying.  

Copper peptides are in the serum to increase blood flow (and nutrients) to the hair follicle. This extends the growth phase of the hair. MyChelle adds a flavonoid blend to inhibit glycation reaction – this ages the hair follicle, so the flavonoids help reduce hair loss. It’s all about the follicles, folks.


Next time you see me, perhaps the first thing you will notice about me is my eyelashes. But probably not, since I wear glasses.



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posted on Friday, February 24, 2012 7:07:09 PM America/Los_Angeles
Amen! I'm with you on this one. Very interesting. I'm going to try this product. Thanks for the fun informative posting.

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