Dealing with Holiday Stress

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‘Tis the season…for dealing with holiday stress. The aura of urgency, the nagging sensation you’ve forgotten something or, worse, someone…the holidays often carry as much baggage as Santa’s reindeer. Here are some simple tips for holiday stress: Release your expectations. Let go of guilt. Stop striving for perfection. The holidays are a time for celebrating loved ones, not providing the perfect plastic gizmo or a five-star meal.

Try setting limits on gift-giving. Establishing a moderate holiday budget reduces holiday family stress now, and prevents the stress of playing catch up later. Decorate your home with a spirit of fun and to your own taste, rather than to please your guests. Plan a potluck style meal instead of doing it all yourself. Enjoy the season. We can get so caught up in the holiday madness that we forget to take that oh-so-necessary time to relax and enjoy a cozy fire, warm bath or crisp morning stroll. Breathe, take a walk, do some yoga, take the family ice-skating.

Hyland’s Calms Forte Sleep Aid can help you get rest, while Irwin Naturals’ Stress-Defy and Country Life’s Stress Shield promote relaxation and support healthy energy levels. Holiday “blues”, NOW Foods 5-HTP may help lift your spirits. You can find more natural methods of coping with holiday stress here. The fact is that most holiday stress is self-imposed. Letting go of expectations, taking on fewer responsibilities and taking time to relax, may help relieve some of your stress and let you enjoy the holidays.



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