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Ah, summertime.  Early mornings stretch into evening, and we spend every second that we can outdoors – gardening, hiking, bicycling or just hanging out with friends and family in the backyard.  Before you know it you are thirsty, and perhaps you even have a slight headache.  Chances are you are dehydrated. The most common form of dehydration is when fluids and electrolytes are lost in even amounts – which is why water is often not enough.


Taste Nirvana's, Real Coconut Water is a refreshing and tasty way to re-hydrate.  It’s made from young coconuts and comes in three varieties - pure coconut water, coconut water with pulp and coconut water with Aloe.  Personally, I don’t care which one I have, they are equally delicious.  But, if I had to choose one, I would choose Aloe because I know I am getting extra digestive support.  This is by far the tastiest brand I have tried, and I am not alone in that belief.


So why coconut water instead of water, or instead of a sports drink?  Well, first, if you have been engaging in intense exercise, you may opt for a sports recovery drink with higher levels of sugar, sodium and protein.  But for the rest of us, coconut water is a great electrolyte replacement that has both protein and fiber.  It’s considered isotonic – which means it has the same salt concentration as normal body cells and will easily cross a blood cell membrane.  It also has high levels of potassium, along with other minerals and sugar, all necessary for cellular health.  Coconut water is free from fat, so there’s no cholesterol either. 


I like it really cold, with a squeeze of lime for a little acidity.  Add a splash of pineapple juice for a refreshing party drink.  A little 10 Cane Rum is nice too – but not very hydrating! 


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posted on Monday, September 19, 2011 10:04:18 PM America/Los_Angeles
The Taste Nirvina coconut water is incredibly refreshing and its nice that it comes chilled in a glass bottle. I wish it came in a bigger size but I wouldn't recommend anyone drinking more than 30oz at a time unless your colon needs some cleansing.

Blaze Girl

posted on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 10:54:39 AM America/Los_Angeles
Ohhhh, I'm thirsty!

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