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Coconut oil is one lean, mean, dynamic machine. While it is an amazing and popular hair /skin treatment, I am going to stick to the benefits that come from eating it. However, I can't cover them all so I will talk about my three favorite perks which are summed up with these words: Lauric acid, medium chain triglyceride, and Caprylic acid. The Lauric acid in coconut oil can be converted into Monolauric acid, and is a component of coconut oil that is antiviral. Its is great stuff to have in your system as studies have shown that Monolaurin liquefies a virus' fatty membranes. This can cause the virus to actually disintegrate!


Secondly, coconut oil is a saturated fat, but not all saturated fats are created equally! Because coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride, (MCT) it is metabolized differently than other saturated fats and can actually support healthy cholesterol levels, but it doesn't stop there. MCT's burn quickly as a source of energy and are great before workouts as they actually kick your body into a mode, where fat is its energy source and thus encourages our body to burn its own fat.


Finally, this brings me to Caprylic acid. This component of coconut oil is anti-fungal and does some serious damage to things like Candida Albicanis which causes sugar and other simple carbohydrate cravings, inflammation/bloating, inability to lose weight, irritated and red skin, and of course Thrush as well as yeast infections. There are many people experiencing these irritating symptoms without realizing they are candida related. Coconut oil may be your next breakthrough to a higher standard of health and well-being. It is clear, solid at room temperature, and can have full coconut flavor or be completely flavorless. It is ideal for baking and frying and can be used liberally without guilt. I love adding it to my blended protein shakes because it gives them a much more satisfying texture, and it gives me quick energy. Do some research and see for yourself, I have only skimmed the surface on this fantastic fat!


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posted on Thursday, December 29, 2011 8:08:48 AM America/Los_Angeles
It also adds a lovely sweetness to baked goods and to sauteed veggies and seafood. Healthy and yummy! The best of both worlds.

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