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In my last entry, I addressed how our appetites and cravings can be our bodies cry for help when we are dehydrated or missing essential nutrients. If you heeded my advice and bought yourself a whole food multivitamin along with some electrolytes, my hope is that you are experiencing a less adamant appetite by now!


If not, don't worry there are plenty of options for you still! The very best way to make a light meal feel like a large meal is to add soluble fiber. Soluble fiber has no caloric impact, and it absorbs water like crazy. The result in your tummy is a feeling of fullness that lasts. Basically, if you eat a meal with a few grams of soluble fiber, and follow it up with a glass of water, the fiber will absorb the water and other liquids in your stomach like little micro sponges and suspend it like gelatin. And that's not all! Adequate fiber intake supports a flat tummy by encouraging regularity; it lowers the glycemic index of the foods you eat with it because it slows down the rate at which sugar enters your blood stream. Healthy blood sugar levels mean healthy cortisol levels, and healthy cortisol levels discourage belly fat. It is a domino effect in the best way. One more perk regarding fiber, is that it binds with cholesterol in your stomach and sends it straight through.


Not all soluble fibers are created equal. I tend to prefer Garden of Life's, Super Seed, or glucommanon capsules. Both of which I can pour into my protein shake or stir into yogurt. .A great option with regular meals is PGX. PGX is a combination of three soluble fibers in a gel cap. I swallow one or two capsules before a meal with some room temperature water and I get full a lot sooner, saving me the grief of overindulging. Alright, its time to choose your fiber and start feeling full.


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Jason Adams

posted on Friday, September 16, 2011 10:20:05 PM America/Los_Angeles
Great blog Erin!

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