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This is a question I am asked all the time! Instead of covering up your body's cry for help with an appetite suppressant, let's look a little closer. You are trying to lose weight, you are eating healthy with a lot of whole foods and lean protein, you are exercising regularly, and you are constantly hungry! You don't have to run around hungry all day, and you don't need to eat massive amounts of food to feel satisfied!


When we exercise regularly we are exhausting our body's supply of electrolytes, we are using up our calories and micronutrients, and our bodies are screaming for replenishment. Frequently in the past, I have felt hungry when I was really just thirsty! What I needed was hydration, and hydration does not just mean water! It means having plenty of electrolytes and trace minerals in your body. These are readily available in quick dissolve tablets that add great flavor and even some fizz to your drinking water. you will be surprised by how much your hunger cravings diminish when you give your body exactly what it needs.


Another way to quiet your stomach is with a nutrient dense multivitamin. You can eat your weight in protein bars or shakes, but if that protein shake does not contain the micronutrients your body requires to work efficiently, your body will continue to ask for those nutrients with very demanding cravings! An excellent multivitamin will contain whole food concentrate, enzymes and probiotics, in addition to daily vitamins and minerals. Adequate hydration and micro nutrition will be the foundation of your satiety and weight loss success.



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