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About eight months ago, Galen realized that some of his various health problems were actually related to a gluten allergy. He decided to make a major change in his nutritional life and worked towards eliminating those problematic foods. He hopes this will give him more energy and reduce his stress – two very important things for a college student!


“Gluten is common and when you’re allergic to gluten you’re likely to be allergic to other things as well. Dairy is very common. So I got tested for those things and I’ve been eliminating them. The second thing is to get on a rotation diet which helps limit your exposure to any one specific food over a period of time. So if you’re reacting to a lot of things, it can help your stomach kind of calm down.”


Wondering what eliminating foods from your diet has to do with supplements? In the process of Galen’s “rotation diet,” he’s recognizing some challenges. “Getting the proper nutrition is really difficult, so having supplements and having protein powders can become really important.”


Galen is now avoiding gluten, dairy, corn, and soy (some of the most common allergens) and supplementing his diet with dairy-free acidophilus, magnesium, protein powder, and a good multi-vitamin. We look forward to more updates from Galen as to his progress and how the nutritional support from Super Supplements is helping him make positive improvements in his life!


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