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ME? Well, I feel full, bloated, and exceptionally guilty. There’s more to it if I look even deeper. The pizza may be a detriment to energy levels, and perhaps even the quality of bowel movements (a topic reserved for another day).


There is great power in listening to the signals of your body.


We use the term, “Bio-Feedback.”


For athletes and bodybuilders, they experiment with certain foods and precise nutrient timing in order to strip their bodies of fat and enhance performance. The modern-day Adonis makes carbs LOOK GOOD!

Yet, the average person may succumb to the pleasure of gratification as opposed to reward from discipline. A pizza may taste good -- at this moment… but is it really worth it? Unless you have a coach forcing you to perform hill sprints with a weighted vest while yelling, “Carbs are NOT the enemy!” then it’s probably not worth it.


And to those with pain and fatigue, there is an ever greater focus on “living” foods in order to promote vitality that once seemed lost. Is it just me, or are living foods certainly the best source of energy for living people? You truly are what you eat.


Practical Applications of BioFeedback


  • How does food or various food combinations make you feel within 30 minutes to three hours of consumption?
  • Did you burn fat from eating this food? Have you ever before? What is different this time? (Hint: activity levels, sleep, etc)
  • If something doesn’t feel right, there’s a reason. Find your reason.


We find value in understanding our bodies because everybody is different. Our heritage, or genetics, and our constitution all reflect the various paths we took to get here.


So do something right for you.


If you don’t know what it is, trust me, your body knows.



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