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L Miller

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It's daunting at times, to make a decision on all of the choices and so I will always rely on my trifecta of what makes a great item: superior quality, great value, and relevant ingredients. Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that it has to look good, because if I don't like to look at it, chances are slim that I will take it. Chances are also slim that you will take it. And, as we all know, why buy something if you’re not planning to take it?


Some things are definitely a drag to buy. You can always make this stuff more fun by using your phone to buy it. My Beloved Husband (BH) recently used his phone to buy razors online. Somehow this eased the pain of having to buy something so, you know, dull. Dog medication is no fun to buy either, but I digress.


So, what's one of my top new items of 2011? What's the first product I'm going to write about? This product combines the best of the best and this one done by one of the actual best in the Industry, Terry Lemerond of Terry Naturally. It's called Curamin. It contains a super-absorption curcumin (curcumin comes from turmeric) called BCM-95®, a patented 100% natural turmeric extract (3 U.S. Patents awarded). In addition, it features the unique properties of BosPure® Boswellia, and a long used, but oft forgotten, ingredient known as DLPA (DL-phenylalanine) as well as the enzyme Nattokinase. The most important thing about this product, beside the great ingredient profile, and the great value that you will find it here is that this product already has a loyal following and was something I was getting requests for before it even got here. Now that's a product!


A little backstory, Terry and his lovely wife, Deborah have a store in Green Bay, WI. And so Deborah asked Terry to make some stuff for her new store, so he did. And because it was him that did it, well... it happens to be a really fantastic product. Another interesting part of the backstory is that Terry and Deborah got together because one day, while in the Green Bay airport, my flight back home was delayed and I saw Terry waiting for his flight. I wandered over to chat him up (he's a real life celebrity in my world) plus I had promised Deb I would if I ever saw him. He had no idea who I was and so, thankfully, I didn't scare him too much. They are now in their happily ever after with their store in Green Bay! That part was fun for me too.

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