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You know, sometimes, doing nothing is good for you. A quiet retreat away from our daily agenda is most definitely an underrated pastime. There are always books to be read, movies to watch, luxurious baths to be taken and, my favorite, TEA to drink. Ok so technically that’s not doing nothing, but I’m not about to advise you to sit around and stare blankly at your living room walls, unless, of course, that sounds like fun to you. Cats do it all the time, so I guess it can’t be that bad? But going back to the tea thing. You should drink it! Not just because it tastes good, which is a very good reason, but because of its many wonderful healing and rejuvenating properties. You can’t just drink any old cup o’ tea, though. There’s a fine art to brewing this fragrant, soothing stuff. Where to begin though? Let me handle that part.


Here are a few tips to give you the best tea drinking experience:


• Always use cold water. Don’t use hot or lukewarm water to speed up the boiling process. You want the freshest, purest, best tasting water. If your tap water is good quality then stick with that, otherwise filtered water is a great option. The quality of your tea is only as good as the water you make it with!

• Heat and steep appropriately. Every tea is distinct in this area. Here’s a basic breakdown of average temperatures and steep times to get the best flavor:


Black Tea – Rolling boil (around 212º F). Steep anywhere from 3-6 minutes.


Green Tea – Heat until a light steam appears (roughly 160-180º F). Any hotter will scald the leaves. Steep no more than 3 minutes or the flavor will become very bitter.


White Tea – Requires the least amount of heat. Heat until just a hint of steam appears (roughly 150-160º F). Steep times can vary with White teas, but generally 2-3 minutes is a good average.


Herbal Tea – Rolling boil. Herbal teas are the most flexible with steep times. Depending on the potency of flavor you’re looking for and the type of herb you’re using, you can steep up to 15 minutes.


So take your pick from an incredible assortment of teas and make yourself the perfect cup. There will always be plenty to do once you’re done drinking.


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posted on Monday, April 9, 2012 8:58:21 AM America/Los_Angeles
I love tea- drink about 3-4 cups a day. Sometimes when I want something a bit more hearty, especially after dinner to deal with my sweet tooth, I'll have teecino. It's a delicious alternative! ~Debbie

Bob B

posted on Saturday, April 7, 2012 5:56:02 PM America/Los_Angeles
Tea helps me lose weight, I like green tea and detox tea.


posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 1:29:32 PM America/Los_Angeles
i have recently stopped drinking coffee and started drinking green tea and i already see the the difference and i am more alive and energitic.

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