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Multiple Vitamin-Mineral

What are some of the most important nutrients for overall health?  The first place to start is always with a multi-vitamin-mineral because it supplies essential nutrients that we can’t make in our body so we need to acquire them through our food, which is difficult to accomplish.  The other way to acquire them is through supplementation.   A multiple vitamin-mineral is like a nutrition insurance policy.                      

Multiple-Vitamin Minerals


Essential fatty acids

Then we think about securing a source of essential fatty acids which can either be acquired from our diet or through a supplement such as flax oil.  If the taste is in issue there are capsules and wonderful tasting liquid versions. 

Essential Fatty Acids


Digestive enzymes

It all starts in our digestive tract, which directs nutrients to our cells.  If we don’t break food down then we can’t utilize the nutrients.  How do we support our digestion process? By taking digestive enzymes to aid in the digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates ensuring that these macronutrients are broken down so they can be utilized by the body.

Digestive Enzymes



Probiotics are good bacteria that naturally inhabit our intestine tract supporting the digestion of foods, formation of essential nutrients and supporting a healthy immune response as well as many other benefits.



These are the big 4 for maintaining optimal health. We all need to make our health a priority. Eating a healthy diet, exercising and doing other stress reducing activities such as yoga, meditation or Tai chi to  name a few are important as well.

Have a healthy day.





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