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At Super Supplements, there is nothing more satisfying for us than to hear how the products we carry are helping our customers live their lives to the fullest. We are so grateful for the stories you share with us and encourage you to continue!

Krista, one of our Live It contest winners, is fully embracing the spirit of Live It and has shared the following update with us.


Hello SS! Happy November! My fitness journey has been a long road and there is much more to come. With the end of my 1yr with Super Supplements products on the rise, I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You all so much for the opportunity and Gift! I couldn't have come this far without your product assistance. Enclosed is a picture of myself with my 3 sons. Oldest is 9, middle is 4, youngest is 2yrs. A house full of boys is hard to keep up with but thanks to your products, I find the energy and feel better throughout the day. Non-fitness related, I have problematic skin and get minor acne breakouts. Every facial cleanser or acne cream I've tried has only worsened the problem. Until I tried your natural products by Jason! My face feels amazingly clean and not getting near as much acne show! Thank you all!


- Krista

Krista, Live It 2013 Winner! 

You might remember Krista from earlier updates (http://www.supersup.com/blog/new-years-resolution-contest-winner/ and http://www.supersup.com/blog/live-it-contest-winner-update/). We’ve been following her progress all year and are so impressed to see her meet and exceed her 2013 goals. She started off by completing her first major challenge this May, participating in Spokane’s Bloomsday Run in 1 hour and 34 minutes! Krista continues with persistent focus on her overall health and fitness, which is quite a feat with 3 young boys to look after!


Thank you, Krista. You are an inspiration to us all!


A few of Krista’s Live It include:


Betancourt Nutrition D-Stunner 

BSN Hyper FX Extreme Concentrated Energy & Power Amplifier 

Absolute Nutrition Watershed Diuretic Formula 

Jason Facial Care Products 


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