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At Super Supplements, we love to hear how the products we carry are helping our customers live their lives to the fullest. We are so grateful for the stories you share with us and encourage you to continue!


Galen, another one of our Live It contest winners, is embracing the spirit of Live It and has shared the following update with us.


There are several ways Super Supplements has significantly helped me this past year. Let me first say that I just completed Tough Mudder Seattle, a 10-12 mile obstacle course. Due to good training and excellent allergy-free protein powders and other supplements from Super Supplements, the course was a breeze, and I feel fantastic.

As well as protein powders -- pea and hemp in particular -- I have benefitted from Super Supplements' dairy-free acidophilus and other allergy-free supplements. As a result, I feel my body is getting more balanced nutrition.


I have also had a wonderful opportunity to explore Super Supplements' brain supplements. My local store has a really impressive array of nutritional compounds to help focus, memory, and performance. My store also offers extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff who enjoy suggesting what may be particularly helpful. I have absolutely loved taking Ginkgo, N-acetyl tyrosine, Vinpocetine, and other brain supplements and plan to continue exploring. In addition, since I spend so much time writing on the computer, my eyes often get very strained; Super Supplements has a great array of supplements to support vision.


Finally, I have enjoyed having easy access to more standard supplements like Emergency-C Lite this year. Super Supplements' gift has made a really positive difference in my life.  Thank you for everything!




You might remember Galen from earlier updates (http://www.supersup.com/blog/cat/Wellness/post/gluten-free-diet/). We are so proud of Galen’s achievement in competing in the Tough Mudder this year, and we are glad we were able to help him meet his health goals of reducing various allergens while maintaining a nutritional balance! Thank you, Galen!


A few of Galen’s Live It include:


Allergy-free Protein Powders: http://www.supersup.com/protein

Dairy-Free Acidophilus: http://www.supersup.com/nsearch/?q=Dairy-Free+Acidophilus&Thisitemis=Dairy+Free

Ginkgo: http://www.supersup.com/nsearch/?q=Ginkgo

N-acetyl Tyrosine: http://www.supersup.com/nsearch/?q=N-acetyl+Tyrosine

Vinpocetine: http://www.supersup.com/nsearch/?q=Vinpocetine

Emergency-C Lite: http://www.supersup.com/nsearch/?q=Emergency-C+Lite


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