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There are several homeopathic pet remedies that can possibly help relieve a variety of issues that your furry friend may be experiencing with their eyes or ears.


 If your pet has been diagnosed with cataracts that are just starting to form, try Natrum Muriaticum 6x four times a day. If the cataracts are in the later stages, plan to give Calcarea Carbonica 6C for several weeks.  Administer either remedy until there is improvement.


 Pink Eye Relief (Similasan Pink Eye Relief drops) can be used to treat red watery eyes and bacterial infections.  If there is a discharge coming from the eyes, then add Pulsatilla 30C once or twice a day. If your pet’s eye has been injured try Symphytum Officinale 30C every hour until symptoms improve. Arnica Montana 6C may be given two-three times a day to keep the pain and swelling down as well as helping to stop any bleeding if needed.


When you notice that your pet’s ears are red and warm to the touch and they are scratching them a lot as well, they might have an active bacterial or yeast infection. Traumeel Ear Drops will help relieve the inflammation, itching and possibly clear up the infection. In some cases, adding Hepar Sulphuris Calc 6C and Mercurius Solubilis 6C three times a day may help with infections. If excess scratching produces a hematoma, then giving Arnica Montana 6C will help by reducing the bleeding and swelling.


For chronic ear infections, you may also want to consider feeding a more natural grain-free diet and gently rinsing their ears with a 50/50 mix of water and Apple Cider Vinegar on a regular basis.  


General Dosing Information:

If a dose is listed above with the remedy, follow that recommendation – otherwise use the suggestions below.


*         Follow the directions on the box for the eye and ear drops.

*         Use 6C for local/specific symptoms (infection) & 30C for more general/all over symptoms (both eyes).

*         Use a single dose of the remedy you choose, wait 5 minutes. If it’s working, give another dose when symptoms reoccur. 

*         If 1st dose helps a little, then continue to dose every 5 minutes for 3 more doses. If needed, continue to dose every hour for stubborn issues or until there is improvement.

*         If the remedy is NOT working after a couple of days, then try another potency or new remedy all together.

*         If your pet’s symptoms appear to be life threatening contact your vet immediately.



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