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Oy! It’s so dark all the time right now. It’s tough enough that our allotment of sunshine is so limited here in the PNW anyway, but it drives me CRAZY when I barely see the light of day. So I give myself the “when life gives you lemons” speech. So, what’s my strategy in tolerating these short days? Well, I can go running in my reflective vest, which I really do to avoid being hit by a bus or car in the morning. It’s a treat to myself to do something healthy for me at the only time I can get out during the work week, plus I get some time in with my bestie to catch up on life stuff. I can also light candles to make the home feel that much warmer in the evenings, which I love. Or I can turn on as many lights as possible, which gets a bit spendy. But outside of that, I got nuthin’. The countdown is on for those days to get longer and I can’t wait!


So as most of you know by now, as a result of our environment we tend to be very deficient in vitamin D in our bodies. The vitamin D “winter” is from October to March, when we get the least amount of sun. Of course there can be other genetic reasons people can be more deficient than others. But the fact remains that our bodies need to have optimum levels of Vitamin D3 for many reasons. Vitamin D3, known as the sunshine vitamin, helps maintain healthy bones and teeth, supports mood, a healthy immune system and pancreas, breast and colon tissue. See what I’m saying? To me this is on the short list of supplements most people need daily. It’s critical that you have healthy levels in your blood. You can have a blood test to determine if you are deficient or not, and if you find that you are, you can do something about it.


Solgar has introduced a 5,000iu liquid D3 that’s a great value. The point is, if you need to get those levels up in your blood, you can take this higher level daily, or you can take less of it for a lower dosage (in this case .5ml delivers 2500IU’s). This has a natural orange flavor, can be taken straight from the dropper (which I find totally palatable and efficient) or you can mix it with a beverage. There are many forms of vitamin D3 you will find…liquids, capsules, gummies, chewable tabs. You name it. To me, liquids are the most efficient delivery.


When the sun don’t shine, take advantage of things that help you get the benefits of it. Vitamin D3.


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