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Ayurveda (literally “knowledge of life” in sanskrit) is the traditional medicine of India, with roots that extend back to ancient times. Emphasizing the relationship between the individual and their environment, ayurveda defines health as harmony- the balance of body, mind and spirit- achieved by enjoying a life in sync with the rhythms of nature. That we inwardly reflect our outer surroundings is an ayurvedic concept:  on a bright, sunny day we tend to feel “light” and happy, yet if the temperature rises uncomfortably, we may become overheated and irritable. Likewise, after the cold, grey dampness of a northwest winter, people often feel sluggish and heavy.  Now, as we spring into summer and the days grow warmer and longer, is the time when many traditional systems of medicine encourage a “spring cleaning” to rid ourselves of some of that winter heaviness.


Triphala (often pronounced “tree-fla” or “tree-fa-la”) is an ayurvedic formula that assists in gentle cleansing and detoxification. Renowned throughout India for its ability to support healthy digestion and bowel function, this blend of healing fruits is commonly used to promote regularity, ease chronic digestive complaints and help with normal immune function. Its ease of use (triphala can be taken as a capsule, tablet or powder) and safety, along with its wide range of uses, help explain the Indian proverb: “When in doubt, take triphala!”


Whether you’re embarking on a spring cleanse, interested in a gentle daily detox, or looking for long term digestive support, triphala may help you maintain a healthful balance.

Enjoy life!


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