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In the recent past I have seen a huge increase in consumer demand for a previously unheard-of product called Argan Oil.  So what's up with Argan Oil?  Where does it come from, why should you use it, and what’s the deal with goats?

Argan Oil comes only from a very specific area of Morroco. The Argan tree can live for several hundred years.  They provide sustenance to a variety of animals, in particular goats, who climb high in the trees to graze on the thorny leaves and the bitter fruit. The goats “process” the fruit before it is harvested, which may lead to a very distinct olfactory experience. Good news - the scent varies from crop to crop (many have no noticeable scent at all) and dissipates quickly on the skin.


The trees have also been important economically and socially for humans, producing oil as well as charcoal and other wood products.  Unfortunately, the sale of too much charcoal in the past decades has eradicated much of the Argan forests, and the trees are now under UNESCO protection.  The oil is processed by a union of women's cooperatives, by hand, providing much-needed incomes in a depressed economic region.

It is the pit of the fruit that is used to extract the oil, which has been used for centuries for cooking, light, and body care. You need 32 kilos of Argan fruit to produce one liter of oil.  It takes at least 20 hours to produce that one liter, and the oil will be good for 3 to 6 months after processing due to very high levels of tocopherols.

Besides tocopherols, Argan oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, triterpenoids, and plant sterols.  These qualities are associated with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making them excellent for skin and hair. Use it straight on hands, feet, or hair, or try it on scar tissue or dry, scaly skin.  It’s great mixed in massage oil or skin serum, too.


Here’s the pitch - we have 2 sizes of organic Argan oil available from Uncle Harry's presently.  Life-Flo has released pure and natural Argan Oil in a 4 ounce size, it’s a great value. We also have Acure Line Eraser cream, which contains Argan Oil and has been an instant hit with our customers.


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