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Fireworks on the Fourth of July are enjoyed by people, but can be an extreme source of fear, anxiety and stress for many of our pets as you all know.  There are several natural remedies that may help to keep them calm and to reduce their stress levels:


Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets (dogs/cats):  is a combination of 5 flower essences that can provide an immediate calming effect in any stressful situation including fireworks and thunderstorms and has been recommended by veterinarians worldwide. The original Rescue Remedy works just as well, but if you are concerned about the alcohol, just mix the drops with a small amount of hot water to release the alcohol. 



Catnip (cats): Is a great herb to help not only distract your cat if they are anxious or stressed, but can also have a playful yet calming effect on their behaviors. Check out this link for additional calming techniques for cats.  



Healthy Calm for Pets by Renew Life (dogs): provides natural relief for your dog’s anxiety by utilizing an exclusive flower essence blend with calming herbs, which helps dogs manage everyday stress, relieve anxiety and promote calmness. Additional information regarding this product & other calming ideas click here.



Happy Traveler by Ark Naturals (dogs): is formulated with quality botanicals and was designed by a holistic veterinarian and PhD herbal scientist to ease anxiety and motion sickness. It’s also useful during thunderstorms, fireworks and other stressful situations.



Anxiety Free for Travel and Separation by ActiPet (dogs):  contains a calming herb blend and may also help to assist dogs reactive to or fearful of thunderstorms, fireworks, or other loud circumstances.


If you choose to give Rx medications to calm your furry friends, then adding a product like Flora's Udo's Choice Pet Essentials for Dogs/Cats may help them recover from any side effects of such drugs.  In any case, this product is a great supplement to add to your pet’s diet every day because in addition to the great phytonutrients it also supplies EFA’s, fiber and enzymes from natural sources.  Be sure to always follow the directions on any of the products you choose for the appropriate dose and frequency of use.


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