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Do you know someone who’s looking to lose a few pounds? It seems like the battle of the bulge strikes relentlessly with attacks of adipose proportions. Fast food and processed food are slowing the collective metabolism of our nation. We’re in trouble! So I’ll do my duty by promoting Three Ways to Burn Fat Today.


1.) Rest well tonight.

By getting eight hours of sleep and resting well, our bodies are able to regenerate, recover, and enact all the beneficial immune, circulatory, and metabolic processes we need to thrive. The fat loss research supports the theory that you can burn more pure fat through consistent restful nights. When two groups of participants, in a diet study performed at the University of Chicago's General Clinical Resource Center ("University of Chicago Medical Center"), agreed to get either eight hours of sleep or six hours of sleep, they lost the same weight on average. However, the 6 hour group sacrificed more muscle and didn’t lose much fat, while the 8 hour group maintained lean muscle. Rest well!  To help support good sleep habits, try Tulsi’s Chamomile Tea


2.) Eat one of the following green vegetables today: Collard Greens, Swiss Chard or Kale.

Aside from claiming the title of “super anti-aging vegetables,” these leafy greens contain micro- and phytonutrients which promote healthy blood sugar. It teaches your body how to use carbs and gives you a lot of leeway when dealing with unhealthy temptations that you encounter. People underestimate how powerful a high dose of vegetables are for metabolism. Half of your plate should be leafy green vegetables if you’re concerned with rapid fat loss.  If you are not a big greens eater, try Green Vibrance from Vibrant Health


3.) Care deeply about your lean muscle.

Lean muscle is highly prized both in nature and society. Muscle is a metabolic powerhouse that can store and process nutrients much better than adipose tissue. By supplying muscle-supporting proteins and amino acids, you can optimize the anabolic nature of healthy organisms and burn a ton of fat! A great protein to help build lean muscle is AllMax’s Aminocore.



"Sleep Loss Limits Fat Loss." University of Chicago Medical Center (2010): Web. 10 October 2010.    <http://www.uchospitals.edu/news/2010/20101004-sleep-dieting.html>.


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posted on Thursday, August 18, 2011 9:54:29 PM America/Los_Angeles
Wow, Frank, its inspiring to me that you'll try it out. Thank you for giving it a shot! I've discovered that healthy weight management is a lifestyle and the secret is to ensure that your positive habits outweigh the rest. Do healthy things because it makes you feel good. Feel good about positive habits. Good luck Frank!


posted on Thursday, August 18, 2011 2:03:46 PM America/Los_Angeles
I have struggled with weight loss my entire life, I am excited to try these three things. Hopefully they will help me.

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